Time is an important asset

Whether you’re stretching it, maximizing it, wasting it, or spending it, time is a unique phenomenon.

We are all allotted 24 hours in each day, no matter what you do, where you’re from, what your title is, etc. Especially when you consider how precious each moment is, you should gain a new perspective on how you spend yours. Being intentional with your use will improve your life satisfaction.

Utilize it where you should.

Get rid of the relations where you shouldn’t. 

Take care of your family. 

Spread love and kindness wherever you go.

To look like a butterfly,learn to live like a caterpillar at first!

It’s just the beginning of 2021 and within these days I have learned a lot of valuable lessons and one of them is our life cycle.

On 2nd of Jan, I was looking outside of my window and saw a butterfly and her beautiful wings.

I thought of her life cycle.

Let’s take a look at the butterfly’s life cycle, which begins with an egg and progresses to caterpillar, chrysalis, adult, and then finally ends with the natural transformation of the butterfly.

If we look closely at the process of transformation from one state to another state, it looks very common but, is it really that simple?

No, it is not an easy process. It takes time. It is very hard for every egg to go through the state of the caterpillar. After that, the caterpillar may die before even becoming a chrysalis or before changing into the beautiful butterfly. But when it transforms into the butterfly, it is attractive and beautiful for everyone to see. This is what our lives are, we abide under our parent’s care and then, there’s a time come when we have to take tough decision to go out of our comfort zone to achieve big things. We use to break that safety shell created by parents and then, we move into the real world where we see the real meaning of struggle and competition. Life is beautiful just like butterfly to enjoy the brightest moments learn to struggle like a caterpillar. Sooner or later you will get your part of happiness.

Journey from being a zero to hero

Once upon a time, there was a guy who was looking for a job; a job of any kind. He had been gone through many incidents in his life, he lost his parents at a very young age, he lost his house because of his father’s debt. He used to spend nights on the road. He tried getting a job but, all his effort went worthless. One day, he gave it one more try and started asking for a job to nearby companies.

He entered inside a company and asked for conducting a round to recruit him. The receptionist agreed. After 2 days on the day of the appointment, he went again to get a job.

He entered inside the boss cabin, the boss turned around and gave him weird looks.

He felt bad. Nevertheless, he avoided and wished him. He was asked to sit down.

After 2 minutes of silence, the manager started firing questions like what is your name, where do you come from, he answered very well.

Then, the manager said-“tell me your email id”? Astoundingly, he looked at the manager.

He again repeated the same question- “tell me what is your email id”?

He replied-“Email id”?

What is this?

I never heard about this term.

Manager laughed and said- you don’t even know what is email id and you’re expecting I will give you this job. Really? In this era, you don’t know what is email id, I’m shocked. How can be a person so stupid? You can leave.

He said-“sorry sir”. I will do whatever you will say. I  really need this job. He said in louder voice-Leave! He stood up from there and left the place. For the next two days, he kept thinking like email id, what is this, I don’t have this. I don’t think anyone will offer me a job without this.

Then, an idea strummed his mind. He decided to do small jobs. He started washing plates in a 

restaurant. After 5 hours of this job, he joined another job to load cartons.

After a year, his financial conditions started improving. He stopped doing small jobs, he saved enough money and started his own business. After 5 years, he became very famous, he starting recruiting people for jobs in his company. He was very satisfied with his job.

One day, one of his company’s friend came to him and asked him “give me your mail id”. . .

He said- “I don’t have any mail id”.

He said, what are you saying, you don’t have a mail id.

Just think about it, without a mail id, you have succeeded that much in life. . .

What if you will have a mail id?

You will be more successful.

Just imagine, if you have created your mail id where would you have been?

He smiled and replied-

If I had created an email id, I would be an employee in that manager’s company. I would not be there in front of you. There would be no company of mine, I will work under someone for the rest of my life.

I’m blessed that I refused to create a mail id and went with my own decision.

By- Shraddha Pandey

Instagram: @im._.myfavorite

About Shraddha Pandey

Hello everyone. This is Shraddha Pandey. I am an author of four books,a writer for more than 20 websites,an Indian Quora influencer, a software engineer and currently,pursuinG MBA from ISBR Bangalore.

I love to share my life journey and my experiences. I would like to share career tips and how one can earn even if he/she is a student.

Stay tuned!

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Instagram: @im._.myfavorite